A live, playful performance is the perfect touch to your party of any occasion. It engages all ages and makes for a surprising and memorable event! Whether it's captivating the kids for an hour or layering a quirky trickster into a cocktail party, Justin is sure to bring life to the party.



Yoyo performance and play as an element to a workshop is great for all ages. The basic moves are achievable by most and more complex tricks provide a healthy challenge. Justin provides demos and step-by-step lessons for the skill toy. Whether you're looking for physical activity or team building, yoyo is the perfect way to get off the screen and jump into hands on exercises for the mind and body.



There's nothing like adding a surprise element to a meeting when you need to get your staff engaged. "Yoyo performance" peaks a special curiosity in teens and adults because most have played with one as a child but can't imagine what a professional show would look like. Justin is sure to get your team in a positive mood, ready to brainstorm and use their imagination after they've witnessed something so quirky and comical. 


Live performance makes any outdoor celebration more vibrant and exciting. Yoyo as a street performance element to your large-scale event ensures your visitors with be laughing, playing, and getting into the action. Justin offers a variety of show lengths, customizable to the flow of your festival.



Many kids are encouraged to practice an instrument or sport to learn discipline and achievement yet struggle with the commitment needed to succeed. Yoyo is an incredible blend of play, hand-eye coordination, focus, and challenge. It is hard work that often goes unnoticed because the child feels engrossed in play. The same discipline and commitment can be sparked through this skill toy producing determination that any parent could be proud of. Yoyo lessons by Justin are a great alternative for shy children that benefit from one-on-one attention. 



Opening acts are always needed to pump up a crowd. Yoyo performance never ceases to engage people and get them excited. Justin lays an energetic foundation for a headlining band or DJ without competing with the main event. Adding this funky art form to your performance makes it extremely memorable even after your audience leaves the venue. Consider it your "secret weapon."